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We offer top cash prices for used diesel generators. If you’re looking to sell your generator, look no further. We buy various types, including surplus diesel power generators, electric power generators, standby industrial or commercial backup generators, open sets, full canopy, or acoustically attenuated units. Our expertise extends to all major brand names, ensuring you get the best value for your generator.

Nationwide Coverage and Hassle-Free Transaction

Our UK Nationwide coverage allows us to assist with professional removal and handle all logistics involved, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transaction. Selling your generator has never been easier.

Quick Evaluation and Cash Offer

To quickly evaluate your generator for purchase, we require specific information, including Size, Make, Model, Engine, Hours run, nationwide location, and a photo of the unit. If you lack detailed information, don’t worry – a picture or two will help us assess its value.

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Submit photos of your generator using our convenient form, and we’ll promptly make you a cash offer. Be sure to include your contact details, such as your name, company, and phone number, to facilitate the process.

We Buy All Types of Generators: We purchase used working generator sets, backup generators, standby and mains failure installations, and data center backup power units. Even faulty generators hold value, and we assess them based on the fault, repair, and recondition costs.

Contact Us Today and Get Top Price for Your Generator: Ready to sell your used diesel generator? Contact us now and get the best value for your equipment. Our years of experience and financial ability ensure a smooth transaction. Trust our professional team for expert de-installation, freight, and a hassle-free selling experience. Click Here to submit photos of your generator and receive an immediate cash offer.

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