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If you know someone selling a generator or come across one yourself, please let us know and We’ll make sure you’re duly rewarded for your assistance. We are currently in the market to purchase generators, both new and used. If anyone informs us about a generator that’s available for sale, whether it’s new or used, we are interested to buying it. Additionally, we are willing to compensate the individual who provides me with information about the generator.

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If you provide information about a generator available for sale, whether new or used, you’ll be duly rewarded for your assistance, either with cash or another payment method.

Finders Fees Paid

We are happy to offer a finders fee to anyone who can assist us in purchasing used or standby generators, If you know anyone who has used equipment that they are thinking of selling contact us. We can discuss the potential purchase and discuss a finders fee which you would be happy with on a successful completion of the transaction.


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